Combating Intolerance and Discrimination against Muslims a presentation by Ambassador Hemayet Uddin
On page 6 of the screed, we encounter more turgid text.

Two serious examples of overstretching the right of freedom of expression were the publication of the caricatures of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in a Danish newspaper and reproduced in other recognized news papers such as the Le Monde and the remarks made by His Holiness Pope Benedict involving Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) in September last year. These incidents had resulted in shock and anger throughout the Muslim world and was seen as the Western world’s indifference to the values that are most sacred to the Muslims. Of course many Western governments reacted against the reports and a statement of regret was issued by the Vatican. At the same time most maintained that they could not intervene in the right to freedom of expression.

The cartoons were conceptually true. The Pope’s statement was literally true. Muslims don’t like the truth. That’s tough. What’s sacred to Muslims is the demonic mandate to conquer the world and the rights subsumed thereby:  to rape, pillage & plunder; open season, no bag limit.  That ain’t sacred to us, our right of free expression is. Islam can take its contumacious demands and go to Hell.



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